Hard Shell Ice Skates
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  • Hard Shell Ice SkatesHard Shell Ice Skates

Hard Shell Ice Skates

For over two decades, China JUMBO Supplier has been a leading force in the research, development, design, production, and sales of Hard Shell Ice Skates. Our commitment to excellence extends to offering competitive pricing, ensuring our customers benefit from a good price advantage without compromising on quality. At China JUMBO Supplier, we strive to provide unparalleled products and services to meet the diverse needs of skating enthusiasts worldwide.

This is the LKD brand of Hard shell ice skates, cost-effective, suitable for most age groups, skate shoes air permeability and comfort is better, all products to ensure genuine, after-sales protection

Comfortable without grinding feet, gliding without burden

Easy to wear structure designed for children, flexible disassembly, easy operation, comfortable and breathable, no wear feet

Brand: LKD

Size: 30-34,34-38

Shoe body - cold and impact resistant high strength adjustable shoe shell

Inside - Cozy, warm velvet

Tongue - Strengthens tongue for safer and more comfortable use

Buckle - Memory automatic buckle, effective adjustment and protection

Materials - All meet EU standard German quality

Product Certification - EU EN15638

Recommended - Beginner users


Order lead time 30-45days

Custom accept custom logo and print,packaging


The benefits of skating

Ice skating can exercise and enhance the balance of the human body, coordination and flexibility of the body, but also can enhance people's heart and lung function, improve aerobic exercise ability, he can also effectively exercise lower limb strength, very suitable for driving. There is also a good weight loss effect, for teenagers, skating helps children's cerebellum development. Put on the skate blade on the ice to enjoy running, proud, not only relax the mood, but also get into the nature

Maintenance of skates and skate shoes

1. When placing skates and entering and leaving the ice rink, the knife cover should be used to protect the blade. Do not use on the uneven and cracked ice, wipe the ice blade after use, and apply oil to prevent rust.

2. In order to prevent skates from being soaked by snow and ice, wipe glycerin before and after use, remember to wipe after use, and apply shoe polish to prevent the shoe upper from cracked and damp and mold, so as to prolong the service life of skates.

Skates use precautions

1.When buying skate shoes, you should choose shoes that are the right size for your feet, tie your shoes, and feel comfortable in the shoes.

2. When carrying skates, the ice edge must be put on a protective cover, and the front tip and rear end of the ice edge should not be perpendicular to the body.

3.Check whether the connection part is loose before use. If the rivet is loose, it must be repaired before normal use.

4.When sliding, avoid colliding with others, protect the safety of yourself and others, and avoid damaging the skate shoes.

5.During the skating process, the body should lean forward and push out the ice with the inside of the skate blade. After the blade is closed, the legs, feet and the skate blade should be in a straight line.

6.In the skating process, when the skate blade is falling vertically after the jumping action is completed, the skate blade first contacts the ice at one-third of the front tip and gradually extends backward.

7.When the ice hockey knife is sliding, avoid using the knife to catch the ice hockey to protect your own safety and prevent the knife from cracking.

8. Children and teenagers need to ride with their parents.

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