Touring Classic Ski Boots
  • Touring Classic Ski BootsTouring Classic Ski Boots
  • Touring Classic Ski BootsTouring Classic Ski Boots
  • Touring Classic Ski BootsTouring Classic Ski Boots
  • Touring Classic Ski BootsTouring Classic Ski Boots

Touring Classic Ski Boots

JUMBO established in China, is a reputable and professional factory that specializes in the production of high-quality Touring Classic Ski Boots. JUMBO has a strong focus on delivering only the best products to customers, and renowned for exceptional expertise in this field. Having a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, equipped with the latest technology, JUMBO is committed to producing Touring Classic Ski Boots that meet international standards of quality.

This is the Touring classic ski boots from the LKD brand. The outer fabric is crafted from durable PU leather, while the interior features cozy foam. Thanks to a multi-layer design, these boots maintain a dry and warm environment for your feet. Additionally, the boots are equipped with an ergonomic ankle guard constructed from DuPont POP material, offering exceptional ankle support.

Brand: LKD

Product Fabric PU

Thermal foam inside the product

Products POM material for ankle support

Product zipper Waterproof zipper

Product net weight 960g(pairs)

Use soles NNN soles

Product sizes 36-45

Product Certification - EU EN13843

Color-BlackOrder lead time 30-45days

Custom accept custom logo and print,packaging


Support OME customization

support LOGO customization

sample delivery

Skiing is a challenging and fun winter sport, a dream of endless possibilities for those who love to fly. Even if you are a novice skier, you can find your own happiness and accomplishment in this sport. In this article, I will share my skiing experience and experience, hoping to enlighten and help you.

First of all, skiing requires you to practice your balance and endurance. Especially for beginners, skiing needs to maintain body balance, master the ski speed and direction, which requires a certain body control ability. Therefore, before you start skiing, you need to do relevant physical exercises, such as strengthening core muscle strength and improving heart and lung function. Not only will this help you get better at skiing, but it will also reduce the risk of injury while skiing.

Secondly, skiing requires you to stay calm and focused. Skiing is a high-speed sport where you need to react quickly, adjust your posture and direction. When skiing, you must always stay focused, pay attention to the surrounding environment changes and ski road conditions, to avoid accidents. If you find yourself feeling a little tired or out of control, be sure not to force yourself to find a place to rest and recover in time.

Third, skiing requires you to learn the right technique and posture. Beginners often feel confused, wavering, and unskilled, so it is necessary to choose an experienced instructor when learning to ski. The instructor can help you master the basic skiing posture and techniques, and guide you on how to reliably switch and control the steering and speed of the ski. Of course, your own efforts are also crucial. Practice and constant challenge can help you gradually improve your skiing skills and level.

Fourth, skiing requires you to be safe. Skiing is a risky sport, but safety always comes first. Before skiing, you need to make relevant safety preparations, such as wearing protective equipment and checking equipment. When skiing, you need to follow the regulations and signs of the ski resort, maintain the proper speed and direction, and pay attention to the safety of other skiers around you. If you find that the physical discomfort or conditions do not allow, you should give up the sliding behavior in time.

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